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Suzanne Anton and brother Jonathon
On May 24, 2017, a full panel of three judges of the British Columbia Court of Appeal astounded all observers by granting Gordon and Catherine Pastula permission to continue their appeal of the March 14, 2017 verdict of Justice Gregory Fitch that had denied them the right to appeal the October 4, 2016 judgement of Justice Trevor Armstrong.  

Click here to read March 14, 2017 verdict of Justice Fitch

Click here to read October 3, 2016 verdict of Justice Armstrong

Prince Phillip
The surprising turn around came only a few days after the voters of British Columbia removed Attorney General Suzanne Anton (May 9 2017) from her high office and a few days after world wide Freemason gang leader, Prince Phillip, (May 4 2017) was removed from any more official duties at Buckingham Palace. 

The Freemasons are a notorious criminal gang operating inside the British Columbia and Canadian court systems and most of the British Commonwealth where they have caused a lot of problems stealing property and ruining lives by their false judgments.

The removal of Prince Phillip took place shortly after Queen Elizabeth and her staff were advised of widespread judicial manipulation in the British Columbia courts that included the case of Gordon and Catherine Pastula. 

Click here to read more about the reason why Prince Phillip was fired.

Peter Morris
Peter Morris who secretly acquired the mortgage over Pastula Farm from Antrim Investments of Langley, B.C., was stunned. 

Morris had already instructed his lawyer, Jonathan Williams, the brother of Suzanne Anton, to take title from the farmers by a court application that was set for a hearing in the Supreme Court in Nanaimo on May 31, 2017.

That application is now stayed pending the result of the appeal which will be back in the Court of Appeal in September 2017.

The Editors have reviewed evidence that Antrim was embarked on as plan to mislead the court when it sold its position to Morris.

In the Editors opinion, Morris  knew perfectly well that he was using the court to carry out fraud and he has never denied the allegation of fraudulent intent in any court filings.

The whole matter has been reported to the RCMP with a request that criminal charges be brought against Antrim, Peter Morris and the two lawyers involved in putting the deal together, Vancouver lawyer Brian Markus and Duncan lawyer William Younie a close friend of former Attorney General Suzanne Anton.

Compliments to Court of Appeal Justices Mary Saunders, Mary Newbury and David Tysoe for allowing the appeal to proceed and having the integrity and wisdom to administer some justice in the court system of British Columbia.

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Pastula Blog Destroys Attorney General Suzanne Anton

BC Premier Christy Clark has only herself and her Attorney General Suzanne Anton to blame for her dismal results in the recent general election held May 9, 2017.
Attorney General Suzanne Anton is believed by some investigators to have been secretly manipulating court cases to benefit her brother Jonathan Williams and screw over Vancouver Island farmers Gordon and Catherin Pastula. 

The modus operandi against the Pastula family is the same as was used against the English family.

The court administration in British Columbia is the responsibility of the Attorney General and, in English family case and the Pastula family case, judges with personal and professional ties to Attorney General Anton and her Ministry have been assigned to the cases and they have given what the editors believe were false judgments in order to deliberately screw both the English family and the Pastula family and benefit their own friends and family.    

Both cases reek of corruption at the highest level in British Columbia and Premier Christy Clark and Attorney General Suzanne Anton are professionally responsible for allowing the judicial and legal corruption to run unchecked in case after case after case.

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Attorney General Suzanne Anton Accused of Fixing Law Cases To Help Her Brother's Client Steal Pastula Farm Using Fraud

It does appear that the Courts of British Columbia are rigged against Gordon and Catherine Pastula by Attorney General Suzanne Anton, and her brother Jonathan Williams (shown in picture on left), from behind the scenes, who arranged for former Attorney General lawyer, now Justice Gregory Fitch, to preside at a recent hearing where he dismissed the appeal filed by Gordon and Catherine Pastula who are trying to save their farm from a greedy and hostile neighour, Peter Morris, who was caught using fraud in legal proceedings to try to steal their farm

The sister and brother team of Vancouver lawyer Jonathan Williams and British Columbia Attorney General Suzanne Anton was discovered on Saturday April 1, 2016 and it is no April's fool day joke and this information about case rigging by the Attorney General to help her brother win a crooked law case by inserting a her former workmate, Gregory Fitch, as the judge, may destroy the Liberal Party in the upcoming general election in May 2017. Gregory Fitch and Suzanne Anton both come out of the notorious Vancouver Crown Counsel Office.

When Gordon and Catherine Pastula discovered evidence that their neighbour Peter Morris and his lawyer William Younie Q.C. were engaged in criminal activity by pushing forward a case based on a grossly misleading affidavit obviously made with intent to mislead the court and by withholding other key evidence, they reported that to the Law Society of British Columbia because Mr. Younie is a lawyer and to Premier Clark because some of the local court officials are employees of Attorney General Suzanne Anton and they were acting crookedly also.

Immediately, Mr. Younie, a personal friend of Suzanne Anton,   jumped off the case like a cat jumping off a hot tin roof because he realized he could go to jail with his client if he continued.

However, Peter Morris then went and hired Jonathan William to represent him and despite all the proof that Peter Morris had engaged in fraud by acquiring the court proceedings from Antrim Balanced Investment Funds Ltd of Langley, B.C. all of the Judges and all of the Masters, who work directly for Suzanne Anton, found in favour of Peter Morris.

Williams, Suzanne Anton's brother, got involved in the the case immediately after the major victory before Justice Johnston who declared that the case by Peter Morris, by his shell company 1026238 BC Ltd., was a nullity and all steps in it were null and void.

Justice Johnston ruled at paragrpah 30 in his judgment:

"That leads me to the conclusion that s 22 in its operation means that the petition and all subsequent steps taken in this action have been a nullity. The thing is void from the outset and has to be recommenced after the appropriate notice is given."

Click link to read whole judgment

From the point Williams got on the case, the judges and masters assigned to the case started ruling against Gordon and Catherine Pastula even through Peter Morris was proved to have acquired his interest in the mortgage as part of a scheme to carry out fraud in the court.
Peter Morris

It is well established law going back to the 17th century and earlier that no court will assist a fraudster take advantage of a contract made for the purpose of carrying out fraud but that is exactly what all the judges and masters have done ever since Suzanne Anton's brother got on the case. Co-incidentally, Mr. Younie's wife was a long term employee of the Duncan Crown Counsel office which falls under the supervision of Suzanne Anton so it looks like a cabal of Attorney General lawyers and former lawyers are helping each other out at the expense of a couple of unsophisticated farmers.

The courts have consistently ruled that “fraud is a special category of causes of nullity”, (Landreville)...fraud unravels everything, it vitiates judgments, contracts and all transactions whatsoever…” (Lazarus Estates) and “it was treated as settled law—and it could not be otherwise—that a plaintiff having intention to use the subject-matter of an agreement for an unlawful purpose cannot sue upon it”.(Zimmermann, Topline, Bursey & Holman)
Landreville v. Town of Boucherville, [1978] 2 S.C.R., 801 
Lazarus Estates Ltd. v. Beasley, Denning, J., cited in Landreville.
Zimmermann v. Letkeman, [1978] 1 S.C.R. 1097                                
Continental Bank Leasing Corp. v. Canada, 1998 CanLII 794, (SCC).
Top Line Industries Ltd. v. International Paper Industries Ltd., 2000 BCCA 23 (CanLII).
Bursey v Bursey 1999 CanLii 19021, (NLCA).                                                                                                   
Holman v. Johnson (1775), 1 Cowp. 341, 98 E.R. 1120

THIS kind of direct interference by the Attorney General or her agents in lawsuits is becoming increasingly common in British Columbia. 

In case after case judges who were once employees of the Ministry of the Attorney General are sitting on cases where the Attorney General or that ministry have a direct interest.  In the recent case of John English and his family and his dispute with BC lawyer Greg Harney, Justice Elizabeth Bennett was handpicked to sit on the case and she outright lied to deny justice to Mr. English and his family because the Attorney General had a direct interest in making sure Mr. English was financially crushed.  Bennett was from the same notorious Vancouver Crown Counsel law firm office as Suzanne Anton and Justice Gregory Fitch.

Click here to read about the insane case of Greg Harney who threatened his client with a $1.2 million bill for 2 days of court work and a few weeks preparation. 

In another case involving former BC lawyer John Carten, Justice Heather Holmes was handpicked to rule against Mr. Carten's application for the release of documents that would prove crimes against him and his family. Holmes was from the same notorious Vancouver Crown Counsel law firm as Suzanne Anton and Justice Gregory Fitch.

Several lawyers and former lawyers at the BC Ministry of the Attorney General are terrified if those documents are released because they will prove that they manipulated the case against Mr. Carten and his family and they will be eligible for 14 years in jail for the crimes of obstruction of justice that they committed on multiple occasions.

According to sources connected to the drug trade in Vancouver, lawyers at the notorious Vancouver Crown Counsel office were regular cocaine users and .... parties to other crimes .... and are vulnerable to blackmail which may explain why they are delivering bad decisions in case after case. 

Click here to read about the Water War Crimes involving Mr. Carten and the crooks in the British Columbia government

On Monday April 3, 2017 Gordon and Catherine Pastula filed their Motion Book on their application before a full panel of the court to set aside the judgment of Gregory Fitch and allow their appeal of the decision Justice Armstrong proceed.

Gordon Pastula says "I remember delivering bags of potatoes to the Williams family and when they were kids, Suzanne and Jonathan, were staying healthy eating potatoes from Pastula farm and now there are part of the gang that are trying to steal the farm that fed them".

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Lawyer Who Is Not Permitted to Tell The Public He is A Lawyer

It is Official Now.

According to a Court Order made by Justice Robert Jenkins on December 1 2016, Mr. Carten, who was a lawyer for a very long time, who graduated from Canada's prestigious Dalhousie Law School and who helped thousands of people with legal matters, is no longer permitted to tell anyone he is a lawyer and we the publishers are not permitted to tell you that he is a lawyer even if he is more skilled than most lawyers in British Columbia due to his understanding of how the legal and judicial mafia works in Canada.
So, the reader is advised that wherever the word lawyer is used to describe Mr. Carten on this blog that word is hereby declared to mean "former lawyer" and the reader is advised that Mr. Carten who many people regard as a fine lawyer is officially a former lawyer.  

Lawyers for the British Columbia Government, Peter Ameerali, and the Law Society of British Columbia, Angela Westmacott and Michael Kleisinger advised the Court that they wanted the Court Order made quickly to specifically prevent Mr. Carten from helping both Gordon and Catherine Pastula save their farm in litigation based in what appears to lawyer inspired mortgage fraud and John Douglas English and his children in a litigation in another case involving lawyer fraud

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Queen Elizabeth Recalls Premier Christy Clark to London for High Level Talks on Legal and Judicial Corruption In British Columbia

Queen Liz 
For the first time in 40 years, Queen Elizabeth has ordered a Premier of British Columbia to come to London for private talks.

Officially, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark was in London to get a medal for saving the Great Bear Rain Forest but insiders report that the real reason Queen Elizabeth ordered the Premier to report back to London is the problem of legal and judicial corruption in the courts where fraudsters are being protected and innocent citizens are losing their property to organized crime gangs of lawyers and judges that use the court system to pillage and plunder.

The recent decision by Justice Armstrong in the case of the Pastula Farm near Duncan is a case in point.

Premier Christy Clark 

Justice Armstrong went against 1,000 ears of English case law and came to the aid of the legal and corporate gangsters who were caught trying to carry out a fraud on the court by filing false and misleading evidence in the expectation that they could lie to the judge and steal Pastula Farm .

The usual rule of law for about 1,000 years is:

It is, however, well established that whether or not they are pleaded, if facts are shown in the course of a trial which may render an agreement unenforceable by reason of illegality or public policy a court must take these facts into consideration and, depending on the circumstances, act upon them if necessary by refusing to lend its assistance to a party seeking to enforce his or her rights by relying on the agreement.

Instead of following the law, Justice Armstrong twisted the law and assisted the a numbered company owned by Duncan BC area resident, Peter Morris and his wife, by refusing  to deal with fact that a fraud had been set in motion by Vancouver law firm Brian Markus acting for Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund Ltd a subsidiary of Antrim Investments of Ltd. of Langley B.C. owned by William Granleese and his son Christopher. 

At a certain point Morris and his wife decided to buy out the Antrim position and carry forward the fraudulent lawsuit in the British Columbia courts.

According to forensic experts Antrim and its lawyers were engaged in a classic case of running a hoax or ruse on the court by filing misleading documents, withholding evidence of value, and trying up the farmers other property so the farmer would be unable to extract themselves from a legal web of entanglements.

Those same experts say that Peter Morris and his lawyer were extremely stupid to get involved and negotiate the purchase of the Antrim created "fraud on the court" because by so doing they exposed themselves to criminal charges under section 139 of the Criminal Code of Canada which carries a ten year sentence in Canada.

Investigators are reporting that Vancouver area lawyer Brian Markus has been accused of similar conduct in other at least one other law case in the Vancouver courts and the investigation continues.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Trevor Armstrong Favours Fraud Artists Over Farmers.

Judge Trevor Armstrong
Legal scholars are scratching their heads over the ruling on October 4, 2016 Justice Trevor Armstrong from the law firm of Hamilton Duncan Armstrong & Stewart of Surrey, British Columbia, in the case involving a fraudulent conspiracy to take over Pastula Farm near Duncan British Columbia that involved an un-denied fraud in the court process by two lawyers that the Law Society of British Columbia refuses to investigate.

The Pastulas have filed an Appeal.

The Pastulas alleged in court documents that the case involved a fraudulent conspiracy by Langley area mortgage company, Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund Ltd., and its, assignee, 1026268 BC LTD, a company formed for the purpose of completing the fraud and owned by Duncan area resident Peter Morris

The fraud was never denied, supported by strong documentation and Gordon and Catherine Pastula asked the Justice Armstrong that they be permitted to go to trial to claim damages but the Armstrong denied them the opportunity and in a bizarre and twisted judgment where he refused to binding case law going back hundreds of years. 

A full trial would likely have resulted in some people, including a couple of lawyers, being exposed as criminals. 

The case is linked to corruption allegations against Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson and Court of Appeal Chief Justice Robert Bauman that arose in  another case involving Vancouver Island resident John English and retired lawyer John Carten both of whom were helping the farmers defend their lands against the fraudulent conspiracy by the lawyers and the mortgage companies. 

Legal experts suggest that the Armstrong decision may be a form of administrative retaliation and that Armstrong was pressured to make the unusual ruling by the judge crime gang that has operated with relative impunity inside the British Columbia court system for decades. 

Due to the deep systemic corruption at the British Columbia Court of Appeal, legal experts don't give Gordon and Catherine Pastula much hope for success unless they can get the case to the Supreme Court of Canada where the British Columbia judge crime gang has much less influence, although Chief Justice Beverley Mcachlin is widely regarded as a full patch member of British Columbia judge crime gang.