Saturday, October 31, 2015

Law Society Of British Columbia Refuses to Investigate Crooked Lawyers

Law Society CEO Tim McGee
In response Catherine Pastula's complaint that two British Columbia lawyers Brian Markus, of Vancouver, and William Younie, Q.C., of Duncan, engaged in criminal conduct by deliberately withholding relevant evidence in a foreclosure proceeding where a mortgagee has a fiduciary duty to disclose such evidence, the Law Society of British Columbia under the direction of long term CEO, Tim McGee, has lashed out and "attacked" retired British Columbia lawyer John Carten who has, so far, successfully assisted Mr. and Mrs. Pastula resist the take over of their farm by criminal means.

Mr. Carten's written response to the Law Society attack is set out at the bottom of this blog

Carten and McGee first clashed in 2005 when McGee attempted to block Carten's re-entry to the British Columbia Law Society by insisting he undergo a Soviet-style psychiatric assessment intended to discredit Carten who was representing Sun Belt Water Inc. that continues to have a massive multi billion dollar claim against Canada under Chapter 11 of the NAFTA, that arose as the result of corrupt practices by Law Society members especially the criminal gang operating inside the British Columbia Ministry Justice and the government manipulated court system in that province.

Carten responded to McGee's stupidity and corruption by filing a lawsuit in Canada's Federal Court and, then, a number of lawyers and judges were murdered as part of the cover up by insiders in Victoria and OttawaMcGee is now a suspect in a murder conspiracy.

Catherine Pastula, who filed the complaint with the Law Society about criminal conduct by lawyers William Younie and Brian Markus, claims she is a long term member of the Liberal Party of Canada while McGee, Younie and Markus have deep Conservative Party roots.

Michael Kleisinger
The current Law Society attack on Gordon and Catherine Pastula is led by Law Society spear carrier Michael Kleisinger who, along with McGee, is developing a reputation as an enemy of justice, truth and honesty in our justice system as the Law Society continues its attack on self-represented litigants in a misguided attempt to protect an unconstitutional legal monopoly.

Click here to read Justice Grauer decision in case of Law Society v Glen Robbins who assisted self represented persons resist mortgage fraud

In the Robbins case, Robbins who was unqualified and who allegedly falsely represented himself to be a lawyer commenced  lawsuits on behalf of various persons whereas Mr. Carten is fully qualified, he is a lawyer and he is merely assisting Mr. and Mrs. Pastula who are acting in a lawsuit filed on allegedly "illegally" by a lawyer who was caught breaking the law and against farmers who cannot find a competent lawyer to represent them at a cost they can afford. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chief Justice Hinkson To Investigate Judicial Officers in Legal Corruption Case

Chief Justice Hinkson
According to sources inside the Vancouver courthouse, Christopher Hinkson, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, has been asked by Gordon and Catherine Pastula, to investigate the corruption allegations against Supreme Court of British Columbia Masters Grant Taylor and Catherine Bouck in a foreclosure case where two lawyers, Brian Markus and William Younie,Q.C., are under investigation by the Law Society of British Columbia and accusations of fraud and the withholding of material evidence with intent to mislead the court have been leveled at the lawyers and their clients, Antrim Investments Ltd of Langley British Columbia and 1026238 BC, Ltd. owned by Duncan area residents, Peter Morris and his wife.

The Law Society investigation was initiated in early September, 2014, and, if the investigation follows usual Law Society practice, it will be dragged for as long as possible in order to protect the lawyers and the Law Society insurance funds.

Justice Hinkson was made Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by Prime Minister Stephen Harper  Supreme Court on November 7, 2013 after serving as a Court of Appeal Justice from March 19, 2010 and a Supreme Court Justice since March 2, 2007.  The dates of his various appointments are a reflection of his strong Conservative Party roots. According to former BC surgeon, Dr. John David Kuntz, M. D., Justice Chris Hinkson was a key played in one of the greatest of lawyer and judge corruption in Canada that bilked the Canadian health care system of many millions of dollars while destroying one of Canada's most brilliant young surgeons who invented spinal disk replacement surgery a medical treatment that has helped crippled walk around the world.

The investigation to be carried out by Chief Justice Hinkson follows the recommendation of Premier Christy Clark made in the letter of her legal counsel, Kurt Sandstrom, Q.C., which was posted on this blog on October 9, 2015. (See October 9 2015 post below.)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Government of British Columbia Denies Interference in Pastula Farms Case

From: "AG LSB CSD Mail AG:EX" <>
To: "Catherine Pastula"
Sent: Monday, October 5, 2015 12:10:18 PM
Subject: Your Letter of September 21, 2015
Catherine Pastula
Dear Ms. Pastula:
Your letter dated September 21, 2015, addressed to the Premier of British Columbia, has been forwarded to this ministry for response.  I am responding on behalf of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of British Columbia.
I note your concerns regarding a decision of Master Carolyn Bouck in a court case in which you are involved.  In particular, you disagree with her decision to not allow a certain retired lawyer to speak on your behalf in court.  The Attorney General and Minister of Justice does not generally comment on any specific court case or judicial decision, given the independence of the judiciary.  Under our system of law, it is crucial that judges make their decisions independently of all influence and interference, including interference from government.  The Attorney General and Minister of Justice does not have jurisdiction to direct judges, masters or registrars to carry out functions or to order them to carry out functions in a particular manner.  Nor can the Attorney General and Minister of Justice attempt to influence how a court should decide a private legal matter; to do so would interfere with the independence of the judiciary.  Further, individual judicial decisions are not subject to review by any level of government.  Parties to litigation who are dissatisfied with a judicial ruling have the option of appealing that ruling within certain time limitations.
The Attorney General and Minister of Justice is not involved in the direct supervision of Masters or Judges.  If you have a complaint about the conduct of a Master in the Supreme Court of British Columbia (as opposed to the correctness of his or her decision), you may wish to contact the Honourable Christopher E. Hinkson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  He can be reached at the following address:
The Honourable Christopher E. Hinkson
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of British Columbia
The Law Courts – 800 Smithe Street
Vancouver BC  V6Z 2E1
You mention that certain lawyers who you allege have fraudulently withheld material evidence are under investigation by the Law Society of British Columbia.  Under the Legal Profession Act, the Law Society has jurisdiction to investigate complaints about lawyers.  The Attorney General and Minister of Justice does not have the authority to intervene in the complaint review process established by the Law Society.
If you have reason to believe that someone has been involved in criminal activity, the proper course of action is for you to report your allegations to the police in the community where the alleged criminal activity occurred.  If the police determine that an investigation is warranted, they will conduct one.  They are also in the best position to determine whether a particular allegation involves a criminal matter or if the allegation, if pursued, would have to be addressed through civil law.
A lawyer in private practice would be able to advise you of your legal rights and options.  The role of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice does not extend to providing legal advice to members of the public.  A number of groups in this province provide free legal services and information under certain circumstances.  Although this ministry does not endorse or confirm the accuracy or completeness of information or advice provided by any of the following resources, I understand that they are currently available to British Columbians.
Access Pro Bono Society
  of British Columbia
106 – 873 Beatty Street
Vancouver BC  V6B 2M6
Telephone:  604-482-3195604-482-3195
Toll-free in BC:  1-877-762-66641-877-762-6664 FREE
Facsimile:  604-893-8934
The Law Centre
Suite 225 – 850 Burdett Avenue
Victoria BC  V8W 0C7
Telephone:  250-385-1221250-385-1221
Facsimile:  250-385-1226
                        UBC Law Students' Legal Advice Program
                        University of British Columbia
                        Faculty of Law – Room 158
                        1822 East Mall
                        Vancouver BC  V6T 1Z1
                        Telephone:  604-822-5791604-822-5791
                        Facsimile:  604-822-1661
For those who are unable to find free legal advice, the following service can refer individuals to a lawyer in their area who will meet with them for up to 30 minutes for a fee of $25 plus applicable taxes.
Lawyer Referral Service
Telephone:  604-687-3221604-687-3221
Toll-free in BC:  1-800-663-19191-800-663-1919 FREE
Thank you for writing.
Kurt J. W. Sandstrom, Q.C.
Assistant Deputy Attorney General
pc:  The Honourable Christy Clark

Editors Note:  The letter of Mr. Sandstrom is, of course, pure rubbish and is part of the state propaganda in Canada that the judiciary functions separately from the executive branch of the Government. Regularly judges and masters are contacted by the executive branch of government, usually someone with the Ministry of the Attorney General in a Provincial Government or Department of Justice of the Federal Government and they are secretly influenced by insiders to give a decision that benefits the government. Naturally, the people involved try to keep it a secret because, if the truth were told, the Canadian public would have even less trust of the judges and the government than they do now. Do government lawyers lie?  The record in British Columbia and other provinces proves that Government lawyers lie regularly and are never punished for it.

In the 130 year history of the Law Society of British Columbia there is not a single case of a government lawyer being disbarred for corrupt practices although innocent people are often sent to jail because the lawyers involved make false and fraudulent statements in court.           

Monday, October 5, 2015

BC Government Denies Catherine and Gordon Pastula the right to be Heard BY A Judge

On Wednesday September 30, 2015, Catherine Pastula appeared before another "Master" of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and requested that her case be sent to a judge who had the power to investigate the allegations of serious corruption that appear to involve\ Peter Morris, the owner of the company, 1026238 BC Ltd., that bought her mortgage with Antrim Investments Ltd of Langley BC for an undisclosed sum on February 2015 and who illegally maintained a null and void judgment against her real estate and who has been playing hardball as he tries to take over the Pastula family farm at a discount price and cheat Gordon and Catherine Pastula of over $1 million in equity.

The problem for Peter Morris and his company is that some of the judges in British Columbia are not crooked whereas all Masters are owned lock stock and barrel by the corrupt Ministry of the Attorney General and their decisions can be completely controlled by insiders with the BC Government.

Master Grant Taylor, who was appointed by the notorious and corrupt Premier and Freemason Gordon Campbell with the approval of the crooked Chief Justice Donald Brenner, as he then was, and the then Attorney General and Freemason Wally Oppal, admitted, in open court, that he had not even read the affidavits Catherine and Gordon Pastula had filed with the court, ignored binding case law and made an order favouring Peter Morris and his company. 

What kind of judge/master doesn`t read the evidence in the affidavits that are filed?

Earlier complaints to British Columbia Premier Christy Clark about the abusive conduct of Master Catherine Bouck, who denied Catherine and Gordon Pastula the right to competent legal counsel on September 16, 2014  have not been responded to and legal observers think that the BC Government is now part of the conspiracy to destroy the Pastula Family farm and hand it over to an Peter Morris at a deep discount by using a Master who follows orders from insiders.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Government Of BC Denies Catherine and Gordon Pastula Right to Legal Counsel

John Bouck 
Catherine P. Bouck, (photo unavailable) an employee of the Government of British Columbia, daughter of deceased British Columbia Supreme Court Judge John Bouck and herself a Master of the Supreme Court of British Columbia operated by the Government of British Columbia denied Gordon and Catherine Pastula the right to be represented by competent legal counsel at a hearing on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, while the conspiracy to loot and pillage Pastula Farm continued.  

Justice John Bouck is nationally famous in Canada for being the first ever sitting judge in Canada to speak openly about the criminal gangs operating inside the British Columbia courts in a series of articles he published in one of Canada's leading newspapers back in the late 1990's. 

Catherine and Gordon Pastula wanted to be represented by a retired lawyer, John Carten, who is so deeply feared by the lawyers acting for the enemies of Catherine and Gordon Pastula that they have twice asked the judges to rule that Mr. Carten not be permitted to speak on behalf of the Gordon and Catherine Pastula.  The first judge, Justice Robert Johnstone, who is paid by the government of Canada did not make the requested ruling. The second judge, Master Carolyn Bouck, paid by the Government of British Columbia did make the ruling.  

Carolyn P. Bouck was paid a salary of $233,736 by the taxpayers of British Columbia in the fiscal year 2013 / 2014.

Carolyn P. Bouck is not a real judge and Gordon and Catherine Passtula want a real judge to hear their case. 

Court Masters in British Columbia have a reputation for being dirty and Catherine Bouck, in the editors opinion, is a member of at least one of the criminal gangs operating inside the court system in British Columbia.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Law Society of British Columbia Asked To Investigate Suspected Crimes By Brain Markus and William Younie

Catherine Pastula, a farmer and the wife of farmer, Gordon Pastula, has asked the Law Society of British Columbia to investigate Brain Markus and William Younie for their  role in the crimes of fraud and obstruction of justice by attempting to obtain real estate, the farm owned by Gordon and Catherine Pastula, by carrying out fraud through the withholding of material and relevant evidence in a court proceeding, namely by hiding from the court the fact that the farm had a market value of $1.97 million to $2.2 million and pretending in court documents that it had a market value of less than $1 million.

That is a $1 million dollar lie and, in the opinion of Catherine Pastula and her husband Gordon Pastula was a sneaky, dirty, underhanded and criminal attempt to steal their property by lying to the court.

Catherine Pastula has also included in her complaint the mega Vancouver law firm Owen Bird and Owen Bird lawyer Johnathon Williams. 

The complaint against Williams is somewhat less serious because he took over the file recently and evidence is only emerging as these matters proceed.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Was William Younie Q.C. removed from the case because he committed fraud on the court?

William Younie, Q.C. 
In a surprise move, Cowichan Valley lawyer William Younie, Q.C., shown in photo on left, has, suddenly and without explanation, been removed from the lawsuit he commenced for his client, Peter Morris and his wife and their company, against Gordon and Catherine Pastula and he has been replaced by the high priced law firm of Owen Bird Law Corporation in Vancouver where legal counsel Johnathon Williams has been assigned to the case.

The case is now entering a complex stage because the evidence is now emerging that,

1. either Mr. Younie, Q.C.,was an innocent dupe who was deliberately and fraudulently misled by his clients about the value of the Pastula farm - an unlikely probability -

2. or, Mr. Younie, Q.C., was an active participant in a criminal conspiracy to cheat Gordon and Catherine Pastula through  obstruction of justice by the intentional suppression or withholding of material evidence in a court proceeding - a crime that carries a 14 ten year sentence in Canada. 

Our Editors have contacted Mr. Williams (shown in photo on right) for comment on these issues but, at the date of publication, no comment has been received.

Johnathon Williams 
Mr. Williams has already decided to play hard ball in the litigation and is attempting to steam roller farmers Gordon and Catherine Pastula by refusing their request for an brief adjournment of the hearing date that Mr. Williams, unilaterally and without their consent, set for a hearing on September 16, 2015.

This is the characteristic conduct of a many city slicker lawyers  who think they can bamboozle and beat up farmers who are unable to retain high priced legal counsel. "City slicker" is a derogatory term generally associated with urban dwellers, typically regarded as unprincipled and untrustworthy,

Click here for more on the definition of city slicker

Gordon and Catherine Pastula will be asking the Law Society of British Columbia to carry out a full investigation of the conduct of all the lawyers involved.

See refusal letter below

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Was Justice Pearlman secretly assigned to the Pastula Farm case by BC Justice Minister Suzanne Anton

Justice Paul Pearlman on right 
A funny thing happens in Canada when a lawyer does dirty work for the Government.

The Government makes the lawyer a judge.

Justice Paul Pearlman, well known for his past  dirty work trying to protect criminals inside the  B.C. Government in the case of Carrier Lumber v the BC Government, recently showed up in the Pastula Farm case and helped out lawyer, William Younie, Q.C., just as Gordon and Catherine Pastula are putting together the case that appears to prove that Mr. Younie's clients may be involved in committing fraud and obstruction of justice by hiding from the court evidence in their possession and control that Pastula Farm was valued at $2.2 million and pretending that the property was worth less than the mortgage debt owing under the mortgage made in favour of Antrim Balanced Mortgage Funds Inc. that was quietly assigned to Mr. Younie's clients in February 2015 immediately before their application to court to take the land and scoop the profit.  

BC Justice Minister Suzanne Anton
Our informants report that, a few weeks earlier, British Columbia Justice Minister Suzanne Anton was observed in an intense, obviously friendly and lengthy conversation, with William Younie, Q.C., and there are suspicions that Suzanne Anton has abused her powers by secretly influencing the court administration to put Paul Pearlman on the case.

Gordon and Catherine Pastula were asking the court to settle the terms of the court order previously made by Justice Robert Johnston who saved their farm from the greedy grasp of Mr. Younie's client who was trying to loot $1 million in equity without telling the court the true value of the farm.  Legal scholars advice that Mr. Younie`s clients and, possibly, Mr. Younie, were engaged in a fraud by omission unless, of course, they did not know the value which is difficult to believe when they just paid to buy the mortgage.

Instead of putting the settling of the terms of the order back before Justice Robert Johnston who made the order and in accordance with the usual procedure in such circumstances, the court administration run, by Suzanne Anton and her pals, put the case before Justice Paul Pearlman who has a reputation for doing dirty work for the BC Attorney General Ministry going back to the day of the corrupt Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh who was well known for covering up major crime by government employees.

Pearlman was also part of the criminal conspiracy by Attorney General Dosanjh that denied Mr. Carten the right to call witnesses in a case in 1998 which led in Mr. Carten being illegally put in a corrupt BC Government judge who some suspect was murdered to cover up for the criminals who instructed him.
The Pastula family are being helped by retired British Columbia lawyer John Carten who  uncovered a rats nest of corruption at the Ministry of the Attorney General and who knows the dirty tactics of Suzanne Anton very well.

Click here to read about Suzanne Anton and the dirty BC Provincial Court Judge, John Lenaghan

Click here to read more about the dirty BC Attorney General Suzanne Anton.

The evidence is now conclusive that Suzanne Anton is simply another in a long line of dirty Attorney Generals in British Columbia and that she and her staff are covering up a for a network of criminals operating inside the British Columbia court system.

Mr. Carten has advised our Editors that he considers some of the judges in British Columbia to be clean but that the offices of the three Chief Judges are corrupt, at all levels, and the clean judges are unable to effect any change because of the entrenched dirty Chief JudgesMr. Carten's comments are consistent with scholarly legal analysis published in Canada including the works of Justice Marshall, Judicial Conduct and Accountability (Scarborough, Ont: Carswell, 1995), from Ontario and John Bouck, now deceased, from British Columbia.      

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Supreme Court Justice Robert Johnston Saves Pastula Farms From Illegal Court Action.

William Younie
On Monday, May 25, 2015, Supreme Court of British Columbia Justice, Robert Johnston, told Duncan area lawyer, William Younie, (shown in photo on right) that his clients attempt to take over title to the beautiful Pastula farm owned by farmers Gordon and Catherine Pastula was illegal.

Bill Younie spent the better part of an afternoon trying to persuade Justice Johnston that the Pastulas, who are well known farmers in the Cowichan Valley, were not farmers even though the Pastula family has been farming the farm for almost 60 years. The submission was pure hokum and a classic example of lawyer doublespeak.

But, Justice Robert Johnston was not deceived by the clever disingenuous arguments of the crafty Bill Younie and told the Pastulas, "I have no doubt you are farmers" when he dismissed the illegal lawsuit.

Mr. Younie's clients, Peter Morris and his numbered company who observers expected would walk away with a windfall profit of over $1 million from a lawsuit filed contrary to the laws of Canada, are now left facing a potential multi million dollar lawsuit under the provisions of the federal Farm Debt Mediation Act that allows farmers to make a claim for a civil remedy against persons who try to seize farm property in defiance of federal laws protecting farmers. 

Pastula Farm 
When the Pastula family could not find any lawyer in British Columbia with sufficient understanding of law to help them they went looking outside the Cowichan Valley where their farm is located and found some competent help that included Mr. Carten, a retired lawyer.

The secret helpers were familiar with the tactics of crooked lawyers and crooked lenders in British Columbia as a result of their  experience in a major lawsuit involving the Government of British Columbia where lawyers regularly lied to the court and unidentified agents of the BC government burned his business and home in order to steal his property at well below market values.

Click here to read more about the BC Government Violent Take Over of a Private Business

Mr. Carten is widely regarded as one of the most brilliants legal minds in Canada but was forced to take early retirement by a criminal gang operating inside the Law Society of British Columbia when he blew the whistle on massive corruption in the Government of British Columbia on the issue of water exports. 

Click here to read about the Water War Crimes

When Mr. Carten asked Justice Robert Johnston to allow him to present the legal argument on behalf of the Pastula family, William Younie vigorously objected to the retired lawyer helping the private citizens in the case involving the illegal lawsuit Younie was pushing forward. Mr. Carten, wise to the anticipated bluster of Mr. Younie, graciously advised Justice Johnston that he did not wish to waste the court's time on a ridiculous argument over whether or not he should be permitted to help the Pastula family and suggested that the judge simply read the written argument that Catherine and Gordon Pastula had filed with the court that proved, without doubt, that the lawsuit carried forward by Mr. Younie on behalf of his clients was illegal and must be dismissed under law. 

Mr. Younie and his client's illegal action were sunk in one masterful stroke.   

Now that the proceeding has been dismissed Mr. Younie's clients, Peter  who are recent neighbours of the Pastula family, are vulnerable to a massive counterclaim under the provisions of the Farm Debt Mediation Act that allows farmers to sue for damages when these kinds of illegal actions are carried out against them

Mr. Younie may be facing disbarment proceedings at the Law Society for continuing a lawsuit he knew or ought to have known was illegal. The Law Society of British Columbia has specific rules that prohibit lawyers from continuing illegal proceedings.

Vancouver lawyer, Brian Markus, who initiated the illegal lawsuit may also be facing disbarment proceedings or a huge claim for solicitor negligence.

The co-incidental attack by fire on one of the Pastula family farm tractors during the course of the proceeding is similar to the firebombing attacks used against the English family resort property and suggests that the attack by fire against the Pastula family may be part of a broader conspiracy. At this time, the Editors are not aware of any evidence linking Peter Morris and to the deliberate burning of the tractor and caution readers not to rush to judgment.

Mr. Carten advised our Editors that the Law Society of British Columbia has threatened him with legal proceedings because he helped the Pastula family when other lawyers refused or demanded too much money.

Mr. Carten said "The Law Society is acting contrary to Canada's constitution and its own charter conferred by the legislature when it sacrifices access to justice in favour of archaic and monopolistic professional privileges". 

Mr. Carten also advised our Editors that, in his opinion, there is clear evidence implicating Law Society CEO Tim McGee in the crime of obstruction of justice in a case involving Mr. Carten where McGee or his agents improperly and secretly contacted a sitting judge to persuade him to set aside a subpoena served on McGee to compel him to testify in court.  If convicted McGee would be facing 14 years in jail.

The Law Society of British Columbia is a self insured corporation established by provincial legislation and all the members are in big financial trouble because the insurance does not meet the outstanding claims.