Saturday, September 19, 2015

Government Of BC Denies Catherine and Gordon Pastula Right to Legal Counsel

John Bouck 
Catherine P. Bouck, (photo unavailable) an employee of the Government of British Columbia, daughter of deceased British Columbia Supreme Court Judge John Bouck and herself a Master of the Supreme Court of British Columbia operated by the Government of British Columbia denied Gordon and Catherine Pastula the right to be represented by competent legal counsel at a hearing on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, while the conspiracy to loot and pillage Pastula Farm continued.  

Justice John Bouck is nationally famous in Canada for being the first ever sitting judge in Canada to speak openly about the criminal gangs operating inside the British Columbia courts in a series of articles he published in one of Canada's leading newspapers back in the late 1990's. 

Catherine and Gordon Pastula wanted to be represented by a retired lawyer, John Carten, who is so deeply feared by the lawyers acting for the enemies of Catherine and Gordon Pastula that they have twice asked the judges to rule that Mr. Carten not be permitted to speak on behalf of the Gordon and Catherine Pastula.  The first judge, Justice Robert Johnstone, who is paid by the government of Canada did not make the requested ruling. The second judge, Master Carolyn Bouck, paid by the Government of British Columbia did make the ruling.  

Carolyn P. Bouck was paid a salary of $233,736 by the taxpayers of British Columbia in the fiscal year 2013 / 2014.

Carolyn P. Bouck is not a real judge and Gordon and Catherine Passtula want a real judge to hear their case. 

Court Masters in British Columbia have a reputation for being dirty and Catherine Bouck, in the editors opinion, is a member of at least one of the criminal gangs operating inside the court system in British Columbia.

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