Monday, September 14, 2015

Law Society of British Columbia Asked To Investigate Suspected Crimes By Brain Markus and William Younie

Catherine Pastula, a farmer and the wife of farmer, Gordon Pastula, has asked the Law Society of British Columbia to investigate Brain Markus and William Younie for their  role in the crimes of fraud and obstruction of justice by attempting to obtain real estate, the farm owned by Gordon and Catherine Pastula, by carrying out fraud through the withholding of material and relevant evidence in a court proceeding, namely by hiding from the court the fact that the farm had a market value of $1.97 million to $2.2 million and pretending in court documents that it had a market value of less than $1 million.

That is a $1 million dollar lie and, in the opinion of Catherine Pastula and her husband Gordon Pastula was a sneaky, dirty, underhanded and criminal attempt to steal their property by lying to the court.

Catherine Pastula has also included in her complaint the mega Vancouver law firm Owen Bird and Owen Bird lawyer Johnathon Williams. 

The complaint against Williams is somewhat less serious because he took over the file recently and evidence is only emerging as these matters proceed.

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