Sunday, September 6, 2015

Was Justice Pearlman secretly assigned to the Pastula Farm case by BC Justice Minister Suzanne Anton

Justice Paul Pearlman on right 
A funny thing happens in Canada when a lawyer does dirty work for the Government.

The Government makes the lawyer a judge.

Justice Paul Pearlman, well known for his past  dirty work trying to protect criminals inside the  B.C. Government in the case of Carrier Lumber v the BC Government, recently showed up in the Pastula Farm case and helped out lawyer, William Younie, Q.C., just as Gordon and Catherine Pastula are putting together the case that appears to prove that Mr. Younie's clients may be involved in committing fraud and obstruction of justice by hiding from the court evidence in their possession and control that Pastula Farm was valued at $2.2 million and pretending that the property was worth less than the mortgage debt owing under the mortgage made in favour of Antrim Balanced Mortgage Funds Inc. that was quietly assigned to Mr. Younie's clients in February 2015 immediately before their application to court to take the land and scoop the profit.  

BC Justice Minister Suzanne Anton
Our informants report that, a few weeks earlier, British Columbia Justice Minister Suzanne Anton was observed in an intense, obviously friendly and lengthy conversation, with William Younie, Q.C., and there are suspicions that Suzanne Anton has abused her powers by secretly influencing the court administration to put Paul Pearlman on the case.

Gordon and Catherine Pastula were asking the court to settle the terms of the court order previously made by Justice Robert Johnston who saved their farm from the greedy grasp of Mr. Younie's client who was trying to loot $1 million in equity without telling the court the true value of the farm.  Legal scholars advice that Mr. Younie`s clients and, possibly, Mr. Younie, were engaged in a fraud by omission unless, of course, they did not know the value which is difficult to believe when they just paid to buy the mortgage.

Instead of putting the settling of the terms of the order back before Justice Robert Johnston who made the order and in accordance with the usual procedure in such circumstances, the court administration run, by Suzanne Anton and her pals, put the case before Justice Paul Pearlman who has a reputation for doing dirty work for the BC Attorney General Ministry going back to the day of the corrupt Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh who was well known for covering up major crime by government employees.

Pearlman was also part of the criminal conspiracy by Attorney General Dosanjh that denied Mr. Carten the right to call witnesses in a case in 1998 which led in Mr. Carten being illegally put in a corrupt BC Government judge who some suspect was murdered to cover up for the criminals who instructed him.
The Pastula family are being helped by retired British Columbia lawyer John Carten who  uncovered a rats nest of corruption at the Ministry of the Attorney General and who knows the dirty tactics of Suzanne Anton very well.

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The evidence is now conclusive that Suzanne Anton is simply another in a long line of dirty Attorney Generals in British Columbia and that she and her staff are covering up a for a network of criminals operating inside the British Columbia court system.

Mr. Carten has advised our Editors that he considers some of the judges in British Columbia to be clean but that the offices of the three Chief Judges are corrupt, at all levels, and the clean judges are unable to effect any change because of the entrenched dirty Chief JudgesMr. Carten's comments are consistent with scholarly legal analysis published in Canada including the works of Justice Marshall, Judicial Conduct and Accountability (Scarborough, Ont: Carswell, 1995), from Ontario and John Bouck, now deceased, from British Columbia.      

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