Thursday, September 10, 2015

Was William Younie Q.C. removed from the case because he committed fraud on the court?

William Younie, Q.C. 
In a surprise move, Cowichan Valley lawyer William Younie, Q.C., shown in photo on left, has, suddenly and without explanation, been removed from the lawsuit he commenced for his client, Peter Morris and his wife and their company, against Gordon and Catherine Pastula and he has been replaced by the high priced law firm of Owen Bird Law Corporation in Vancouver where legal counsel Johnathon Williams has been assigned to the case.

The case is now entering a complex stage because the evidence is now emerging that,

1. either Mr. Younie, Q.C.,was an innocent dupe who was deliberately and fraudulently misled by his clients about the value of the Pastula farm - an unlikely probability -

2. or, Mr. Younie, Q.C., was an active participant in a criminal conspiracy to cheat Gordon and Catherine Pastula through  obstruction of justice by the intentional suppression or withholding of material evidence in a court proceeding - a crime that carries a 14 ten year sentence in Canada. 

Our Editors have contacted Mr. Williams (shown in photo on right) for comment on these issues but, at the date of publication, no comment has been received.

Johnathon Williams 
Mr. Williams has already decided to play hard ball in the litigation and is attempting to steam roller farmers Gordon and Catherine Pastula by refusing their request for an brief adjournment of the hearing date that Mr. Williams, unilaterally and without their consent, set for a hearing on September 16, 2015.

This is the characteristic conduct of a many city slicker lawyers  who think they can bamboozle and beat up farmers who are unable to retain high priced legal counsel. "City slicker" is a derogatory term generally associated with urban dwellers, typically regarded as unprincipled and untrustworthy,

Click here for more on the definition of city slicker

Gordon and Catherine Pastula will be asking the Law Society of British Columbia to carry out a full investigation of the conduct of all the lawyers involved.

See refusal letter below

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