Monday, October 5, 2015

BC Government Denies Catherine and Gordon Pastula the right to be Heard BY A Judge

On Wednesday September 30, 2015, Catherine Pastula appeared before another "Master" of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and requested that her case be sent to a judge who had the power to investigate the allegations of serious corruption that appear to involve\ Peter Morris, the owner of the company, 1026238 BC Ltd., that bought her mortgage with Antrim Investments Ltd of Langley BC for an undisclosed sum on February 2015 and who illegally maintained a null and void judgment against her real estate and who has been playing hardball as he tries to take over the Pastula family farm at a discount price and cheat Gordon and Catherine Pastula of over $1 million in equity.

The problem for Peter Morris and his company is that some of the judges in British Columbia are not crooked whereas all Masters are owned lock stock and barrel by the corrupt Ministry of the Attorney General and their decisions can be completely controlled by insiders with the BC Government.

Master Grant Taylor, who was appointed by the notorious and corrupt Premier and Freemason Gordon Campbell with the approval of the crooked Chief Justice Donald Brenner, as he then was, and the then Attorney General and Freemason Wally Oppal, admitted, in open court, that he had not even read the affidavits Catherine and Gordon Pastula had filed with the court, ignored binding case law and made an order favouring Peter Morris and his company. 

What kind of judge/master doesn`t read the evidence in the affidavits that are filed?

Earlier complaints to British Columbia Premier Christy Clark about the abusive conduct of Master Catherine Bouck, who denied Catherine and Gordon Pastula the right to competent legal counsel on September 16, 2014  have not been responded to and legal observers think that the BC Government is now part of the conspiracy to destroy the Pastula Family farm and hand it over to an Peter Morris at a deep discount by using a Master who follows orders from insiders.


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