Friday, October 9, 2015

Government of British Columbia Denies Interference in Pastula Farms Case

From: "AG LSB CSD Mail AG:EX" <>
To: "Catherine Pastula"
Sent: Monday, October 5, 2015 12:10:18 PM
Subject: Your Letter of September 21, 2015
Catherine Pastula
Dear Ms. Pastula:
Your letter dated September 21, 2015, addressed to the Premier of British Columbia, has been forwarded to this ministry for response.  I am responding on behalf of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of British Columbia.
I note your concerns regarding a decision of Master Carolyn Bouck in a court case in which you are involved.  In particular, you disagree with her decision to not allow a certain retired lawyer to speak on your behalf in court.  The Attorney General and Minister of Justice does not generally comment on any specific court case or judicial decision, given the independence of the judiciary.  Under our system of law, it is crucial that judges make their decisions independently of all influence and interference, including interference from government.  The Attorney General and Minister of Justice does not have jurisdiction to direct judges, masters or registrars to carry out functions or to order them to carry out functions in a particular manner.  Nor can the Attorney General and Minister of Justice attempt to influence how a court should decide a private legal matter; to do so would interfere with the independence of the judiciary.  Further, individual judicial decisions are not subject to review by any level of government.  Parties to litigation who are dissatisfied with a judicial ruling have the option of appealing that ruling within certain time limitations.
The Attorney General and Minister of Justice is not involved in the direct supervision of Masters or Judges.  If you have a complaint about the conduct of a Master in the Supreme Court of British Columbia (as opposed to the correctness of his or her decision), you may wish to contact the Honourable Christopher E. Hinkson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  He can be reached at the following address:
The Honourable Christopher E. Hinkson
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of British Columbia
The Law Courts – 800 Smithe Street
Vancouver BC  V6Z 2E1
You mention that certain lawyers who you allege have fraudulently withheld material evidence are under investigation by the Law Society of British Columbia.  Under the Legal Profession Act, the Law Society has jurisdiction to investigate complaints about lawyers.  The Attorney General and Minister of Justice does not have the authority to intervene in the complaint review process established by the Law Society.
If you have reason to believe that someone has been involved in criminal activity, the proper course of action is for you to report your allegations to the police in the community where the alleged criminal activity occurred.  If the police determine that an investigation is warranted, they will conduct one.  They are also in the best position to determine whether a particular allegation involves a criminal matter or if the allegation, if pursued, would have to be addressed through civil law.
A lawyer in private practice would be able to advise you of your legal rights and options.  The role of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice does not extend to providing legal advice to members of the public.  A number of groups in this province provide free legal services and information under certain circumstances.  Although this ministry does not endorse or confirm the accuracy or completeness of information or advice provided by any of the following resources, I understand that they are currently available to British Columbians.
Access Pro Bono Society
  of British Columbia
106 – 873 Beatty Street
Vancouver BC  V6B 2M6
Telephone:  604-482-3195604-482-3195
Toll-free in BC:  1-877-762-66641-877-762-6664 FREE
Facsimile:  604-893-8934
The Law Centre
Suite 225 – 850 Burdett Avenue
Victoria BC  V8W 0C7
Telephone:  250-385-1221250-385-1221
Facsimile:  250-385-1226
                        UBC Law Students' Legal Advice Program
                        University of British Columbia
                        Faculty of Law – Room 158
                        1822 East Mall
                        Vancouver BC  V6T 1Z1
                        Telephone:  604-822-5791604-822-5791
                        Facsimile:  604-822-1661
For those who are unable to find free legal advice, the following service can refer individuals to a lawyer in their area who will meet with them for up to 30 minutes for a fee of $25 plus applicable taxes.
Lawyer Referral Service
Telephone:  604-687-3221604-687-3221
Toll-free in BC:  1-800-663-19191-800-663-1919 FREE
Thank you for writing.
Kurt J. W. Sandstrom, Q.C.
Assistant Deputy Attorney General
pc:  The Honourable Christy Clark

Editors Note:  The letter of Mr. Sandstrom is, of course, pure rubbish and is part of the state propaganda in Canada that the judiciary functions separately from the executive branch of the Government. Regularly judges and masters are contacted by the executive branch of government, usually someone with the Ministry of the Attorney General in a Provincial Government or Department of Justice of the Federal Government and they are secretly influenced by insiders to give a decision that benefits the government. Naturally, the people involved try to keep it a secret because, if the truth were told, the Canadian public would have even less trust of the judges and the government than they do now. Do government lawyers lie?  The record in British Columbia and other provinces proves that Government lawyers lie regularly and are never punished for it.

In the 130 year history of the Law Society of British Columbia there is not a single case of a government lawyer being disbarred for corrupt practices although innocent people are often sent to jail because the lawyers involved make false and fraudulent statements in court.           

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