Saturday, October 31, 2015

Law Society Of British Columbia Refuses to Investigate Crooked Lawyers

Law Society CEO Tim McGee
In response Catherine Pastula's complaint that two British Columbia lawyers Brian Markus, of Vancouver, and William Younie, Q.C., of Duncan, engaged in criminal conduct by deliberately withholding relevant evidence in a foreclosure proceeding where a mortgagee has a fiduciary duty to disclose such evidence, the Law Society of British Columbia under the direction of long term CEO, Tim McGee, has lashed out and "attacked" retired British Columbia lawyer John Carten who has, so far, successfully assisted Mr. and Mrs. Pastula resist the take over of their farm by criminal means.

Mr. Carten's written response to the Law Society attack is set out at the bottom of this blog

Carten and McGee first clashed in 2005 when McGee attempted to block Carten's re-entry to the British Columbia Law Society by insisting he undergo a Soviet-style psychiatric assessment intended to discredit Carten who was representing Sun Belt Water Inc. that continues to have a massive multi billion dollar claim against Canada under Chapter 11 of the NAFTA, that arose as the result of corrupt practices by Law Society members especially the criminal gang operating inside the British Columbia Ministry Justice and the government manipulated court system in that province.

Carten responded to McGee's stupidity and corruption by filing a lawsuit in Canada's Federal Court and, then, a number of lawyers and judges were murdered as part of the cover up by insiders in Victoria and OttawaMcGee is now a suspect in a murder conspiracy.

Catherine Pastula, who filed the complaint with the Law Society about criminal conduct by lawyers William Younie and Brian Markus, claims she is a long term member of the Liberal Party of Canada while McGee, Younie and Markus have deep Conservative Party roots.

Michael Kleisinger
The current Law Society attack on Gordon and Catherine Pastula is led by Law Society spear carrier Michael Kleisinger who, along with McGee, is developing a reputation as an enemy of justice, truth and honesty in our justice system as the Law Society continues its attack on self-represented litigants in a misguided attempt to protect an unconstitutional legal monopoly.

Click here to read Justice Grauer decision in case of Law Society v Glen Robbins who assisted self represented persons resist mortgage fraud

In the Robbins case, Robbins who was unqualified and who allegedly falsely represented himself to be a lawyer commenced  lawsuits on behalf of various persons whereas Mr. Carten is fully qualified, he is a lawyer and he is merely assisting Mr. and Mrs. Pastula who are acting in a lawsuit filed on allegedly "illegally" by a lawyer who was caught breaking the law and against farmers who cannot find a competent lawyer to represent them at a cost they can afford. 

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  1. The Law Society did nothing to a crooked lawyer in BC. We filed a very detailed report and they came back with two of the almost Forty mishaps this lawyer engaged in. They are on the lawyers side. The lawyer even told us they never do anything. B.C. laws are screwed up as it is but then to have a Lawyer take advantage? disguising!