Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Law Society of British Columbia Interferes in Pastula Farm Litigation - AGAIN

Tim McGee
A frustrated Law Society of British Columbia attempted, earlier this week, to undermine the case of Gordon and Catherine Pastula who are trying to save their farm, Pastula Farm, from the grasping hands of a greedy neighbour who was caught attempting to deceive the court by relying upon false and misleading affidavits which is a criminal offence in Canada.

Law Society Chief Executive Officer, Tim McGee, has ordered his underling Michael Kleisinger to attempt to prosecute former Law Society member John Carten for violations of the Legal Profession Act because he assisted Gordon and Catherine Pastula when he was not a member of the Law Society after the Law Society, under McGee's direction, refused to renew his licence although he was fully qualified to practice law, had committed no crime, was of good character and repute and had reported criminal activity by some lawyers to the police and other authorities as he was obliged to do under Law Society rules and regulations.

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There is no court date set for a hearing of the Law Society complaint against Mr. Carten and our investigators have found evidence that both McGee and Kleisinger are members of the notorious "Freemason Criminal Gang", a.k.a. Grand Lodge of British Columbia, which like the Hell's Angels Gang has a few clubhouses in Vancouver with an affiliate lodge in Duncan on Vancouver Island where Gordon and Catherine Pastula have been the target of a vicious campaign of harassment as part of an ongoing attempt by local Freemasons and lawyers to loot their land.

When the full story comes out some Freemason lawyers and are going to go to jail for a very long time.
Masonic Temple Duncan
Michael Kleisinger allegedly graduated from University of British Columbia with a degree in German in 2000 and with a law degree in 2005. Kleisinger started his law career with a notorious law gang known as  Harper Grey Easton that carried off one of the biggest white collar crimes in British Columbia history when it bilked the taxpayers of many millions by way of a fraudulent class action lawsuit law suit against Dr. John David Kuntz and the medical profession.  The case was dropped immediately after the payout was agree to and the alleged 1,700 patients that Dr. Kuntz supposedly injured with his allegedly experimental and incompetent surgery vanished because they never existed. The class action lawsuit was a pure fraud and it worked.

David Crossin 
The brilliant medical technique developed by Dr. Kuntz is now used worldwide and Dr. Kuntz, whose career was ruined, lives in poverty while the lawyers who looted the taxpayers money got away with their money.

It was  a bold, brazen and devious criminal heist by sophisticated, legally skilled, white collar criminals and no charges were ever brought against the perpetrators of the crime because they are judges and lawyers and the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Christopher Hinkson, and the Court of Appeal, Robert Bauman, were either part of the crime or part the cover up which in this case was a crime in itself.

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The attempt to loot the farm owned by Gordon and Catherine Pastula was a far less sophisticated scheme than the one used against Dr. Kuntz but relied on the same modus operandi employed by white collar Freemason  criminal gangs throughout the world, especially in the former British Empire, that uses the court, the legal system, word trickery, and fraud to carry out a criminal act and the devious scheme would have worked and, in fact, was a few days away from being completely successful when Mr. Carten, who is not a Freemason, showed up, read the documents, and explained to  Gordon and Catherine Pastula what was going on and helped them write a legal argument that explained to the presiding judge exactly what was going on behind all the legal jargon and word trickery

To his everlasting credit, Justice Robert Johnston would not allow the fraud to continue and dismissed the case which proves the Editors theory that there are some honest and reputable judges on the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

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However, greed, inordinate, insatiable greed for money or wealth knows no limits and a few days later the same silly, childish, greedy Freemason fraudsters filed a second legal proceeding  thinking that they were somehow safe from detection if they changed their paperwork a little.

Herman Van Ommen
 But alas, their plans were thwarted a second time when with Mr. Carten's help, Gordon and Catherine Pastula were able to prepare the paper work that explained the fraud that was hidden inside the feeble altered paperwork of the Freemason fraudsters from Duncan

So, the Freemason fraudsters from Duncan called on their Freemason fraudsters brothers at the Law Society of British Columbia who are members of the notorious Vancouver Freemason Clubhouse  that has an  international reputation as the headquarters of organized crime in British Columbia and begged for their help and so, it did come to pass, that Freemason law society staff lawyer, Michael Kleisinger, was ordered to commence a separate legal action against Mr. Carten,  asking the court to issue an order to prohibit Mr. Carten from helping people who needed his help which would include Gordon and Catherine Pastula and a growing number of other innocent victims of dirty tricks carried out by lawyers in British Columbia, some of whom are Freemasons and some of whom are not, such as, we believe, Greg Harney who the Law Society refused to investigate when, in the Editors opinion, Mr. Harney was shown to have tried to extort a $1.12 million dollar fee from a client after a few weeks of work.
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Maria Kresovic
Law Society President David Crossin, Q.C., (elected by the members) has refused Mr. Carten's friendly  offer to resolve the case through out of court negotiations which is contrary to and makes a mockery of the usual propaganda spewed from his mouth that lawyers have high duties to be reasonable and serve the public interest, and blah, blah, blah.. all that platitudinous nonsense.  

Law Society First Vice President Herman Van Ommen (also elected by the members) has a conflict of interest because he colluded with McGee to deny Mr. Carten his right to renew his licence back in 2005.  Not surprisingly, Herman Van Ommen also refused Mr. Carten's friendly offer to settle the case out of court.

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Law Society Second Vice President, Maria Kresovic (also elected by the members) also refused Mr. Carten's friendly offer to settle the case out of court.

The Law Society of British Columbia web site homepage states:

We ensure the public is well served by legal professionals who are honourable and competent. We also bring a voice to issues affecting the justice system and the delivery of legal services

...but, the only honourable and competent legal professional Gordon and Catherine Pastula could find in British Columbia was Mr. Carten and the criminals at Law Society headquarters who  refused to permit him to practice law are now taking unprecedented steps to prevent Mr. Carten  from assisting Gordon and Catherine Pastula save their Farm from the greedster fraudster neighbour who, with the help of fraudster lawyers, attempted to mislead the court to make a $1 million or more by illegally taking title to Pastula Farm.   

Editors Note: If you are a British Columbia Freemason and you don't like reading stories like this about your organization then you need to expel the vermin, the rats, the liars and the cheaters from  your organization, come clean, apologize to the innocent victims they have harmed, like Gordon and Catherine Pastula, and do what you can to make amends for the crimes of your brothers carried out against humanity.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Commentaries On Justice Over the Ages

The story of Pastula Farms is on temporary hold while the matter is under consideration by the court.

From “The Koran”

(Bible of Mohammedanism; Arabic, A.D. 600)
JUSTICE is an unassailable fortress, built on the brow of a mountain which cannot be overthrown by the violence of torrents, nor demolished by the force of armies.  1
  “Do you desire,” said Abdallah, “to bring the praise of mankind upon your action? Then desire not unjustly, or even by your right, to grasp that which belongs to another.”


(Arabian proverb, Sixteenth Century)
THE EXERCISE of equity for one day is equal to sixty years spent in prayer

By Sadi

(Persian poet, 1184–1291)
TAKE heed that he weep not; for the throne of the Almighty is shaken to and fro when the orphan sets a-crying. Beware of the groans of the wounded souls, since the hidden sore will at length break out; oppress not to the utmost a single heart, for a single sigh has power to overset a whole world.  1

By Marcus Aurelius

(Roman emperor and philosopher, A.D. 121–180)
IN the whole constitution of man, I see not any virtue contrary to justice, whereby it may be resisted and opposed.

The Power of Justice

By Manu

(Hindu poet, B.C. 1200)
INIQUITY, committed in this world, produces not fruit immediately, but, like the earth, in due season, and advancing by little and little, it eradicates the man who committed it.  1
  He grows rich for a while through unrighteousness; then he beholds good things; then it is that he vanquishes his foes; but he perishes at length from his whole root upwards.  2
  Justice, being destroyed, will destroy; being preserved, will preserve; it must never therefore be violated. Beware, O judge! lest justice, being overturned, overturn both us and thyself.